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Career Guidance

Providing an end to end service such that a student doesn’t have to face any hassles in his/her career planning has been the forte of My Dream Campus. In this regard, our unique app serves as the hub for information on various international educational institutions. Taking this a step further and bringing the student further closer to the goal, we organize career guidance seminars which focus predominantly on the knowhow of the real time industry conditions and what their requirements are. The seminars also provide a holistic perspective to the students on the process of admissions, the eligibility criteria, the documentation and other aspects.

Personal Counseling

The exercise is not complete just by attending the seminar. There is a good possibility that students would be at the crossroads of confusion with so much data inside them. My Dream Campus has its team of expert counselors well equipped to cater to all the queries from students and ensure there is no further ambiguity. The students are also provided with inputs on how to prepare for the entire process right from preparing the documentation to mock interviews. We strive and provide individual attention to every student and offering that personal involvement thereby building the confidence and being there till the student arrives at the final destination.

Student Support Cell

My Dream Campus has arranged for a dedicated Student Support Cell whose primary objective lies in providing maximum support and guidance to the students in obtaining admission letters from the Universities. The approach is customized based on the University or College which is being applied for and the members of the cell are skilled professionals who are adept at understanding what the requirements of the academic institutions are. This ensures the application process happens smoothly without any errors by the students and knowledge is imparted accordingly.

All these services for just Rs. 200/-

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